Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Leopard Nail Design..

Hey girls!
I wanted to do something special on my nails and I come up with this snow leopard nail design. You'll propably have seen similar tutorials, but take a look at my version.. It's not as difficult as it may seem, it'll be very helpfull to have a leopard pattern as a guide.
First step is to apply a base on your nails. Next apply a thick layer of a natural colored polish and let it dry. Then form random spots on your nails with silver polish. Next step is to suround your spots with black polish, I did it with a thin nail art brush. Finally apply your top coat and you're done!

That's the final result...

And that's the products that I used

Deporah base 00
Seventeen natural color 95
Revoc nail art 8
Seventeen super shine 252
Adamo top coat 01

Hope you give it a try,

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