Monday, March 7, 2011

Leopard nail design

Here is my version, it's pretty easy it just takes time to create it.


And these are the polishes and brushes I used

Deborah 00 (as base + top coat)
Seventeen super shine 259
Seventeen super shine 252
Irine 16
Beauty Line Cosmetics 
Golden Rose 35

I applied my base then I painted my nails yellow, I let it dry and then I put 2 coats of gold glitter. Then with a thin nail brush I designed the leopard prints with a black nail polish. I field the blanks with a brownish color and on top of it I put brown glitter. Finally I applied a top coat so that it last longer.

Hope you liked it and give it a try!
Kisses, Aninoula!!


  1. polu wraio!!! den fainetai oti einai me to xeri!! mpravo!!! :)

  2. thanks!! :)
    exo poli xrono autes tis meres opote afosionomai sta nuxia mou, haha!

  3. this is great <3

  4. epitelous new post!!! teleiaaaaa..xaras thn ypomoni sou pantws :P

  5. Amazing Leopard! BRAVO!

    to fantazome me pio fouskota malia kai pio primitive/tribal aksesouar, fusikou sximatos kai ulikou